Bikers Rock The Blues – The Tour


Blues is at the heart of American music and American culture. This is a series that will give an exclusive insight into the voyage of discovery as a star studded group of Brits and Yanks go on a pilgrimage and live the dream of riding Harleys down Highway 61, the ultimate Blues trail. Along the journey we get to learn their back stories and reasons for coming on this ride.

The journey commences in Nashville where our pilgrims will be treated to a special gig where legends will play with greats like Mark Knopfler, to finish up at the legendary Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi – birthplace of the Blues.

Climaxing in a star studded gig at Morgan Freeman’s “Ground Zero Blues Club” where Morgan, his partner the mayor of Clarksdale Bill Luckett and BB King will greet them personally and offer up some Southern hospitality and Legends will jam! This is a journey that is key to understanding the American 20th Century and how it had a huge effect on popular music and how it inspired a whole generation of British bands who took the music and brought it back home to its roots.

There isn't a spot on Planet Earth that has seen a soundtrack as influential as the American South. Go on, try and name a region, anywhere in the world, that can sing a sweeter song than this: blues, rock 'n roll, bluegrass, soul, funk and R&B all grew up here. Alternative and Indie Rock came here for college, and hip hop settled here after graduation. The sounds of the South cut through lines of race, colour and creed and owe a mountain of debt to the composition of the South from which endless musical legends and styles have emerged. This is a racially mixed land of milk and honey. How sweet it is!

The ride commences on April 25th 2014 and over the 8 days will take us through 3 states: through the Mississippi Delta and right into Cajun Country. The Mississippi River, swamps, former cotton plantations, legendary juke joints and antebellum houses. And some of the finest cuisine the USA has to offer….

Status: Pre-Production, Shooting April 2015

Genre: Documentary Series

Format: 8 x 30 min episodes

Writer: Richard Havers

Director: tbc

Featuring: Morgan Freeman, Nicholas Hoult, Joe Dempsie, Ray Winstone, Sean Pertwee, Jamie Winstone, Bobby Tench, Steve Cropper, Peter Rees, Papa George, Danny Bowes, Peter Shoulder, Luke Morley and Tom Morales

Producers: John Sachs, Rocky Oldham (Serpent Productions)