Blue Bayou is set between 1959 and 1962, when, in the wake of the Cuban Revolution the focus for American gamblers and gangsters shifted from Havana to Las Vegas, which grew into the new casino capital of the world.

At the heart of our story is the romance between an idealistic Cuban singer, Carlos, and a beautiful American hostess, Lana, which is torn apart when Fidel Castro’s victorious guerrilla army forces all foreigners to flee Cuba. Three years later they are unexpectedly reunited when a recently exiled Carlos becomes the house singer in a Las Vegas casino run by Lana’s new mobster boyfriend who works for New York’s most feared Mafia crime family.

As true love takes its course the stakes rise for our two romantic leads at the same time as Government agents close in on the Mafia’s illegal ownership of casinos and Cold War tensions escalate between the Kennedy regime and Castro’s communist state. The two lovers risk everything to be together vowing never to be separated again and plan their final escape to Mexico as the Cuban Missile Crisis brings the world dangerously close to all out nuclear war.

Writers: Nick Moorcroft and Meg Leonard

Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg, Michael Park, Jamie Clark, Paul Tyrer

In association with Sony Music and Roy's Boys LLC

Associate Producer: Kimberley Sachs

Executive Producers: Brian Berg, Anthony Harris, Stephanie Harris