Fearless Flyer


Someone you know has a fear of flying! They might be too embarrassed to admit it to you, but it’s estimated that one in four people in the UK have some form of fear of flying.

Many well-known people are renown for not flying… Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp famously refused to fly to international games and would instead go by boat, Rod Stewart would take the QE2 to New York rather than fly, Elvis Presley refused to fly and David Bowie, Colin Farrell, Sean Bean and Aretha Franklyn are all terrified of flying!

Lots of people are desperate to conquer their fear of flying. Many go on fear of flying courses but there is one very special and unique course out there that has an incredible 95+% success rate and we follow them all around the country and find out exactly how they do it! The Fearless Flyer team has teamed up with easyJet to help the masses conquer their fears and enjoy what most of us take totally for granted… Flying!

You will witness the dramatic roller-coaster ride of emotions each week, as our phobics desperately try to overcome their fears and you will see how the Fearless Flyer team really touch people in the most amazing way and literally change people’s lives. Not only the lives of the phobics but also the lives of their families who suffer in silence with them. Raw emotions, panic attacks, nerves, tears, drama and jeopardy are all the norm for the Fearless Flyer team and this fly on the wall reality series follows this dedicated group of characters, as they breeze through the country working their magic.

Director: tbc

Featuring: Mark Wein, Tim Jeans

Producer: John Sachs

Status: In Development

Genre: Factual Entertainment

Format: 8 x 30 min episodes

Writer: n/a