Synopsis: Sara and Miles, the college hunk, are an item until Sara finds him in bed with her friend. Unfortunately for Sara, they are all on the same film course at the London Film School.

Working most of her spare time at the sandwich shop and helping look after Curtis, her 12 year old brother, Sara’s college assessments have suffered. Her teacher, Professor Saunders, tells her that unless she gets a good grade in her next assignment, to write and direct a short horror film, she’ll be kicked out.

Enlisting the help of her best friend Tucker, a nerdy, funny, computer geek who is also on the course, she goes onto the Dark Net and comes across HELL PAGE, an interactive horror script-writing programme. Accepting all the terms and conditions without reading them before downloading the programme, HELL PAGE gets to work. But what Sara doesn’t realise is that what it writes… HAPPENS.

By the time she realises this, three people are dead and every time the programme switches itself on, she knows death is around the corner.

Director: Chuck Russell (Scorpion King, The Mask, Nightmare On Elm Street)
Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg, James Simpson

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