Sons of Neptune


Set in Scarborough in the 1980’s, this is the true story of what happened when the might of officialdom was challenged by the school master, the accountant, the salesman, the solicitor, the bookmaker and the chiropodist rallying the press and media with all their outrageous high profile and hilarious stunts and convincing the worlds leading experts to join their campaign to stop the dumping of raw untreated sewage in our seas, against all the odds, they pulled it off. A stunning victory for the little man, it was the tenacity of a dogged band of brothers – The Sons Of Neptune references Pride, The Full Monty, Calendar Girls and Made In Dagenham.

Status: Casting

Genre: Comedy drama biopic

Writer: Niall Johnson

Director: Niall Johnson

Cast: tbc

Producers: Andrew Berg, John Sachs

Associate Producer: Kimberley Sachs

Executive Producers: Brian Berg