The Darkling



Sara, a pretty 19 year old and Miles, the school hunk are an item until Sara finds him in bed with her friend Donna. Unfortunately for Sara, they are at they are all on the same course at film school.

Working all her spare time at a local diner to pay her way through film school, Sara juggles this with looking after her 8 year old brother Curtis as her single mother has to work so much. However, Sara’s school assessments have suffered because of the time she spends at the diner, to the point that unless she gets a good grade in her next assignment, to write and direct a short horror film, her teacher Mr Sanders will kick her out. Scared of failing she enlists the help of her best friend Peter, a nerdy, funny, computer geek who is also on the course and Sara decides to get back on track.

Still not finding the time, she searches the internet for ideas for the horror film and finds Hell Page, an interactive horror script writing programme. She accepts all the conditions without reading them, and enters people around her as characters for the script. Hell Page starts to write, but what she doesn’t realise is that what it writes – HAPPENS. By the time she realises three people are dead and every time the programme switches itself on, she knows real horror is around the corner.

Having to put their differences aside, she battles alongside Miles and Peter to stop the programme, but it claims the lives of other members of her course. Knowing the only way to stop the programme writing is to tackle the source and they find out what really is behind Hell Page - an old student from the film school who was a Satanist and committed suicide because of being bullied.

Just when Sara thinks they have beaten Hell Page, she finds out that her little brother, Curt, has put his own name into the cast list, and Hell Page is writing again! Now she has to try and save Curt.

Status: PP Q3 2018

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Writers: Peter James, James Simpson, Chuck Russell

Director: Chuck Russell (The Mask, The Scorpion King)


Cast: tbc

Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg, James Simpson

Associate Producer: Kimberley Sachs

Executive Producers: Brian Berg, Neil Chordia, Peter James, Tom Butterfield