Eclipse Global Entertainment is an award-winning group of companies that span across Film production, Television production, Live events and Music production.

Introduction from Brian Berg

When I retired from running a very successful and profitable label for Universal Music in 2011, after thirty years and 200 million album sales, I didn’t intend to spend the remainder of my life on a Spanish golf course, but I never envisaged I’d be chairman of such an exciting young multimedia company.

My son Andy had a vision and the passion to extend his hobby, Eclipse Films, into a serious independent company and after teaming with my old friend John Sachs who was steeped in experience in the world of film and TV we created Eclipse Global Entertainment which now encompasses Live, TV and Music.

My older son Martyn, a seasoned music producer, manager and synchronisation clearance consultant then came on board to run production and management projects at Eclipse Music, along with overseeing synchs for our all of our audio visual business. Then John’s daughter Kim, who used to work with me at Universal Music, came on board as the company started to grow, and is now an associate producer.

So after a lot of hard work and heartache, we now have a great company which really is a family business.


Our Team

Brian Berg

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John Sachs

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Andrew BergAndrew Berg
Managing Director

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Kimberley Sachs
Associate Producer

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Charles Low
Head of Business Development

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Martyn Berg
Music Supervisor

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