Film Investment

Eclipse Global Entertainment have a number of opportunities where you can be part of the magic of seeing a production grow from 1st script to the big screen.

If there is any interest in learning more about this exciting side of the business, then please call or email Charles, our Head of Business Development today.

Charles is our gamekeeper turned poacher who has been part of the business now as an Investor and now as a permanent member of the team for 5 years now.

He has personally invested in most of our films on the slate and already seen the rewards from his investments from Eclipse’s already finished 3 films to date.

For more details about Eclipse Films growing slate of films and opportunities to get involved, please contact Charles Low on 07872 131315 or email

Live Investment

Eclipse Live have a number of opportunities where you can get in at the beginning of producing a live show! Watch it grow from 1st script to ending up as a full blown production on a UK tour, The West End…. even Broadway!

If you would like more information or even an investors pack to learn more about these opportunities then please email John Sachs our in house theatre producer.

With a number of shows already behind “Eclipse Live”.. they have some very exciting opportunities coming forward in 2022 including a UK tour of their hit film “ Finding Your Feet “ which opens in Leeds and Birmingham in 2022 and a brand new show in partnership with Sony Music and written by the multi award winning writer David West Read ( “ & Juliet “, “ Schitts Creek “ ) which opens in the West End Q4 2022.

For more details of how you can invest and get involved.. contact John by email


“I have invested in two films with Eclipse and I am keen to invest in more, not only because this is an alternative investment vehicle with potentially good returns, but I develop an emotional connection with the storylines. There is also an air of excitement with being part of something creative that will see a script evolving into a great film, that these seasoned professionals at Eclipse know just how to do.”
Director, EPC Assure

“I became aware of Eclipse Films just over a year ago. I met the team and was immediately impressed by their drive and vision for what they were seeking to achieve. It is infectious. I have invested in 3 films to date and have seen a return on one already that cannot compare with anything else I have found on the markets. I look forward to further opportunities with Eclipse.”
Private investor

“I have been involved with investments in Eclipse Global Entertainment from Development Funding of script drafts to retaining equity in the film production.
Not only is the ROI fantastic, the thrill of being involved in the development of international feature films from a one page treatment to an award winning, commercial success is a thrill in itself.”
Investor in Finding Your Feet,
The Corrupted
Director, The Swiftheat Group PLC

“It was 5 years ago that I invested in one of Eclipse’s films, and 5 years later I’ve joined the company as Head of Business Development. I have invested in most of Eclipses’ films that are on their slate. Having already received the premiums that my separate investments were due to be delivered on, I believe this company is true to its word. My financial return has been better than any share/ISA I have ever invested in. I can now see that from the inside looking out this has a great team leading a production company that is making globally commercial award-winning films!”

Head of Business Development, Eclipse Global Entertainment

Investment Enquiry

For more details about investment opportunities in the Eclipse Films growing slate, please contact Charles Low, our Head of Business Development on 07872 131315 or email

If you would like the discuss the potential being part of the magic please fill in the form below.