(Working title)
Synopsis: The true and extraordinary story of Freddie Mills’ rise from the backstreets of Bournemouth to king of the boxing world and Britain’s first profile sports personality.

We begin Freddie’s journey as a young man making a name for himself touring the boxing booths of the South West, continuing through his military service where he honed his boxing skills, to how he won the world title with a broken neck! We encounter his personal life and bizarre relationship with his wife, Chrissie and her ex-husband, who accompanied them on their honeymoon.

Our film also charts the transformation of Freddie into a darling of the media and night club owner, noting his dalliance with the shady characters of Soho like the Krays and The Richardsons. Not long after Freddie was rumoured to be ‘Jack the Stripper’, responsible for the deaths of six prostitutes in the Hammersmith area, he was mysteriously found dead in the early hours of 25th July 1965, shot in the back of his car at Goslett Yard.

Writer: Ron Scalpello
Director: Ron Scalpello
Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg 
Stage: Development


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