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Synopsis: After months of meticulous planning and grueling physical training, the world watches in awe as six ordinary women do something extraordinary.

As part of a Greenpeace-led action to protest against Shell Oil’s plans to drill in the Arctic, they illegally scale the tallest building in Europe, in what was to become one of the most inspiring and daring climbs in modern history: to the top of London’s iconic Shard. This is the true story of how six women made a stand, doing what it took to make the world pay attention.

A heartwarming tale of how the public, the authorities and everyone got behind them. And the incredible, thrilling, death defying climb that made them all famous. A truly uplifting story of human endurance and determination.

Part thriller, part heist – all heart.

Writer: Hayley Easton-Street
Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg
Stage: Casting
Principle Photography: 2022

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