Head of Business Development

Charles Low is Head of Business Development for Eclipse.

Charles has been in Media (Advertising Agencies , Radio and mainly TV) for over 30 years now where he has worked for companies such as Classic FM Radio, Virgin Media and Scripps Networks International UK.

Most recently Charles was formerly Head of Pan Regional Ad-Sales UK & EMEA for Scripps Networks International (Travel Channel, Food Network & Fine Living), where he enjoyed eight years success building the company’s Pan Regional Advertising revenue department, creating with his clients a number of TV programmes, product placements and programme sponsorship deals as well as generating millions in ad sales revenue. Charles has always worked in Business Development throughout his career delivering and being responsible for huge budgets across his client portfolio.

His enthusiasm and knowledge of the film world allowed Charles to join EGE, not only as a Business Developer with a specific focus on raising investment for all our ongoing and new projects, but he has also joined the film journey by himself investing in eight of our films we’re working on to date on our slate.
Charles was welcomed aboard EGE and we believe he will be a major asset in taking our business forward over the coming years.

If you have any questions about how you can become more involved as an ‘Investor’ or ‘Emotional Investor’, then Charles is your go-to person as he has been involved from both sides of the film fence!