Eclipse Films is the motion picture arm of Eclipse Global Entertainment.

At Eclipse Films we focus on commercially sound projects for both UK and international potential, whether as lead producers, co-producers or executive producers helping to raise finance.

Current projects include sophisticated crime thriller, The Corrupted, distributed in the UK by Entertainment Film Distributors. Eccentric British comedy, Sons of Neptune, which is based on a true story and is scheduled to shoot in 2019. Other projects lined up for production in 2019 are action thriller Walking on Thorns, Frankel, the true story of Sir Henry Cecil andthe most successful racing horse of all time, and The Little Richard story, working title King Richard. Current projects in development also include the true story of Britain’s first boxing champion Freddie Mills, based on the amazing BBC documentary, as well as action thriller The Climb, about 6 females who were flown in from around the world to pull off a daring PR stunt by illegally scaling The Shard.

Finding Your Feet

Synopsis: On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate.

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Urban Hymn

Synopsis: Urban Hymn follows a troubled teenage girl, Jamie, who possesses an amazing singing voice, and an inspiring and unconventional social worker, Kate, who encourages her to use it.

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The Corrupted

Synopsis: Beneath the blinding lights and towering sights of the newly-built East London skyline, lies a dark, dangerous web of corruption.

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The Darkling

Synopsis: Sara and Miles, the college hunk, are an item until Sara finds him in bed with her friend. Unfortunately for Sara, they are all on the same film course at the London Film School.

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King Richard

Synopsis: King Richard is the dark but true story of how Richard Wayne Penniman became the world icon and international superstar, Little Richard.

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Synopsis: Sir Henry Cecil, after four decades of training thousands of horses, was at his lowest ebb in 2005. Suffering cancer, a marriage breakdown largely played out in gossip columns

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Walking on Thorns

Synopsis: Kate Miller, a veterinarian in Kruger National Park in South Africa, returns home to Kenya after her mother is murdered
when the elephant sanctuary she founded has been burnt to the ground by militia backed poachers.

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Freddie Mills

Synopsis: The true and extraordinary story of Freddie Mills’ rise from the backstreets of Bournemouth to king of the boxing world and Britain’s first profile sports personality.

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The Climb

Synopsis: After months of meticulous planning and grueling physical training, the world watches in awe as six ordinary women do something extraordinary.

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